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Welcome to Gathering Wisdom How to acquire Wisdom from Others While Developing Your Own

Gathering Wisdom

About the Book

Hard-Earned lessons in life that give you a winning edge.

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You'll learn:

How to bounce back from adversity
What leadership is...and is not
What marks the boundary between success and failure
How to write less and say more
What vision has to do with your personal success
Secrets of writing for the eye
How to free yourself from the inner barriers of wisdom
Seven steps to being a master networker

What's Inside:

The Flame of Wisdom - Quorum Members

Finding the Flame Within - Cheryl Matschek

Keeping the Flame Alive - Al Siebert

Sharing the Flame - Gail Tycer

Fanning The Flame - Jerry Fletcher

Joining Your Flame With Others - Quorum Members

Gathering Wisdom: How to Acquire Wisdom From Others While Developing Your Own

By Jerry Fletcher, Cheryl Matschek, Al Siebert and Gail Tycer
$20.00 ($29.95 Canada)

ISBN: 0-944227-28-7
Softbound, 282 pages
© 2003 Practical Psychology Press

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